Using a Mac? Do you Think you’re safe from Malware.

It may appear silly by name, but it’s surely not silly by nature… say hello, or hopefully not, to MacSpy.

What is is MacSpy?

This is a new piece of Malware that has been specifically designed for Apple computers, and is very smart in what it can do. If infected, the malware hides itself and uses minimal system resources to go virtually undetected. Current scans on VirusTotal have been unable to detect any malicious content within the malware, so you can’t currently rely on any Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware programs to block it from running.

So what can this program do?

Basically, everything you wouldn’t want it to… from record your microphone, log your keystrokes, take screen shots every 30 seconds and worst of all… encrypt your data. According to Peter Ewane from AlienVault, the encryption is quite poorly written, in that the decryption keys may not necessarily work… so if you get encrypted, whether you pay a ransom or not, it is not guaranteed that you will get your data back, even if you are provided with the decryption keys.

What’s worse, is that the Malware is FREE to anyone on the dark net, and only communicates across the Tor network, keeping it invisible from you. There is a Paid version which allows further functionality, but the cost is currently unknown.

Have a read at the full malware analysis here -( that has been carried out and stay alert for anything mysterious on your system.

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