Password Security – Why it’s so important.

Managing passwords is a struggle for most businesses worldwide.  It takes time and it’s costly maintaining a healthy password security – but not having it can cost you even more.

According to the Verizon Data Breach investigations report of 2018, over 70% of employees reuse passwords at work and the report finds that 81% of hacking-related breaches are due to stolen and/or weak passwords.

Don’t let this affect you or your business. We have a simple process that you can use and share with your staff to make sure they are doing their bit to protect your business from cyber crime.

In order to create a secure password  please follow these simple steps:

  1.  Choose 3 words at RANDOM
  2. Words must not relate to the company / user / family member / date of importance / hobby etc…
  3.  No need to mix letters for numbers – known as Leet speak, eg. L33t 5p34k
  4.  Split one of the words in two by use of a symbol – ensure you don’t create two separate words in doing so


  • Mountain
  • Lamp
  • Hedge


  • Mountainla_mphedge

This creates a CORE password that’s easy to remember, but long enough to avoid a brute force password attack and by splitting the word, breaks a dictionary attack.

Find out more again fighting against cyber attacks here.

If an existing password policy is in use that requires a number… you can put any random number at the end, such as an 8… creating:

  • Mountainla_mphedge8

Once you have created a CORE password, for every site you need to create a password for, use the Core, followed by an acronym on the end relating to that site, such as ama for amazon, or fac for facebook, lin for linked in etc which would leave your password for Amazon as:

  • Mountainla_mphedge8ama

If you follow these simple rules you’ll be on the right track to have a secure environment that can’t be breached easily.

If you need any advice or discuss cyber security training options, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.


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