Staff Profile: Danielle Magee.

This month our Digital Marketing Executive, Jessen Armstrong, will be putting our Customer Sales Advisor, Danielle Magee, under the spotlight. 

Danielle just recently celebrated her 15 years with Leaf! She has been working with us since she came out of school at the age of 16 after passing her NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration. 

l-r, Steven Goldblatt, CEO ; Danielle Magee, Customer Sales Advisor; celebrating Danielle’s 15 years with Leaf


Jessen: Hi Danielle! Could you give your area of expertise as a Customer Sales Advisor?

Danielle: Within Leaf I work as part of the sales team, as a Customer Sales Advisor my areas of expertise would be helping to find that right endpoint device suited best for the client’s need, helping to manage their subscriptions, and providing services to accommodate the growth of the customers from O365, to CloudAlly Enterprise Backup solutions to Email Security, MS Azure storage, Sophos and Sonicwall Managed Firewalls, Cyber Security and Cloud Technologies.

Jessen: Could you describe the best parts of your job?

Danielle: The best parts of my job are that I get to facilitate the service desk, solutions, projects and I get to work with the Senior management team. From every aspect of the company to onboarding new customers to seeing the long-standing customers expanding and providing them support to grow. I have grown with the company you might say as I enter my fifteenth year with Leaf, learning the ever-evolving products and solutions that arrive in the markets so everyday continues to be like a school day.

Jessen: What’s your favourite technology?

Danielle: There are so many technologies out at the minute. The Internet of Things that make todays tasks so easy from your mobile phone apps that let you remotely control things in your home like the brightness of your living room lights to a timer to start recording your favourite TV show, from wirelessly controlling voice activated devices. I like the many streaming technologies that are out now for gaming communities bringing them together from their multiplatform games being able to play together on PC or console using platforms such as Steam and watching friends and gaining new ones on the services such as Twitch or YouTube.

Jessen: What are your hobbies outside of work?

Danielle: Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit and socialising, nowadays given the pandemic it has made things a little trickier to do so. As an avid gamer I like to stream online games, so I do get to meet new people from across the world, hearing about their cultures and interests and converse about my own. I enjoy listening to music whilst sketching and doing art in my spare time if I’m not out with my camera trying to find that perfect picture that just draws you in to another world of wonder.

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