Technology has never been more important..

Since the pandemic began last year Leaf has seen a significant rise in the adoption of business focused solutions in the Irish market. There has been a clear emphasis on technologies that harnesses cloud for speed, agility and simple scalability. 

Companies have had to look for packages that have new digital customer experiences to meet the need for changing processes, many of which have had to move online. Cloud platforms can deliver solutions in a matter of days – as opposed to months, which has proven invaluable to many clients as they have been forced to diversify their business and navigate remote working.

A recent success is a grant management application delivered for not-for profit organisation Co-Operation Ireland.

“Leaf built an accessible grant application and management system that has proven invaluable to applicants applying for the VCSE Covid Recovery Fund,” Co-Operation Ireland Business development director, Anthony Quinn, said.

“The automated features allow us to process applications quickly and efficiently, helping as many people as possible.”

Effective company communication has become exceptionally important as more and more business adopt hybrid working environments, with many working remotely. Company intranet combined with Microsoft Teams have delivered robust communication and collaboration for businesses, helping them stay connected and productive.

L-R Steven Goldblatt, CEO & Larry Doyle, COO

L-R: Steven Goldblatt CEO & Larry Doyle COO


Leaf chief executive, Steven Goldblatt, said: “In today’s economic climate and with the difficulties we all face, it’s important that we can use technology for meaningful outcomes. So whether it be a Covid-19 app, a ticket system for your helpline or having access to how you business is performing on your mobile phone. Leaf can build a bespoke business solution that is configured to exact organisational needs to ease the way you do business.”

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