Dynamics CRM.

Turn customer insights into sales impact and bring your customers into focus

What is Dynamics CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s set of integrated, data-driven software solutions that improve how you interact and do business with your customers.

If you want a competitive edge in your sector and a solution to nurture your customer relations, a CRM help achieve this by simplifying and streamlining even the most complex business processes.

Without a strong CRM solution, you may miss growth opportunities and lose revenue because you’re not optimizing your business processes or making the most of your customer relationships or sales leads.

Why Implement a CRM Solution?

With Dynamics 365, you get a flexible solution that’s customizable to suit your business requirements. Choose a stand-alone application to meet the needs of a specific line of business or use multiple CRM tools that work together as a powerful integrated solution.

Dynamics 365 Marketing: Improve your customers’ journey.

Generate multichannel marketing campaigns, nurture sales-ready leads, and align your sales and marketing teams with planning and tracking tools that integrate with your existing apps and services.

  • Foster leads
    • Run multichannel campaigns featuring email marketing, web content, and events.
    • Target matched audiences based on LinkedIn interactions using Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.
    • Personalize the buyer experience by customizing customer journeys based on user engagement.
  • Make better decisions
    • Gain insights into your brand reputation and market through real-time data analysis.
    • Prioritize leads using multiple lead scoring models.
    • Build custom dashboards to analyse the data that matters most to your business.
  • Adapt quickly
    • Automate processes for better service engagement experiences.
    • Use artificial intelligence to guide your business decisions and drive innovation.
    • Rely on the Microsoft cloud platform to reduce operating costs and simplify deployment across your infrastructure.

Dynamics 365 Sales: Empower sellers to drive personal engagement with customers.

Go beyond sales force automation to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals. Sell smarter with embedded insights, foster relationships, boost productivity, accelerate sales performance, and innovate with a modern and adaptable platform. Use AI capabilities to track customer relationships and automate sales execution with contextual prompts that drive sales strategy.

  • Grow business
    • Improve win rate with a dynamic, event-driven sales process.
    • Build pipeline with high-quality leads and prospects from a variety of sources.
    • Measure the past and identify leading indicators for the future.
  • Stay focused
    • Find the right prospects and customers.
    • Always know the next best action to move relationships forward.
    • Build a high-performing sales team.
  • Win faster
    • Engage and collaborate around strategic deals.
    • Align to the buyer’s journey to deliver personalized engagement.
    • Work anytime, anywhere.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Effortless service through any channel.

Deliver guided, intelligent service and support on any channel with a unique ability to work with your existing systems. Empower customers and agents with the tools they need to ensure quick and accurate resolution, every time.

  • Improve engagement
    • Let customers connect quickly and easily through multi-channel service options.
    • Use the artificial intelligence of service bots to increase service availability and free your agents for more high-value interactions.
    • Resolve issues quickly using data analysis and predictive care.
  • Personalize your service
    • Deliver value with every interaction with a complete customer view.
    • Guide agents’ actions toward optimal outcomes using intelligent automation.
    • Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities using contextual customer data.
  • Streamline your customer service
    • Improve service based on survey feedback, discussion forums, and social listening.
    • Onboard new agents quickly with in-app learning options.
    • Optimize your service staff by allocating resources based on service trends that you can monitor in real time.

The Leaf Dynamics Process.

At Leaf, we work on an agile basis when developing Dynamics 365 Applications. This means the customer is always in control of features, direction and budget. Our highly skilled Cloud Solutions team will work with you to establish a project plan encompassing your CRM requirements.

At this heart of this process is working with you to review your existing business processes from a holistic perspective, looking for system wins to allow your CRM to do your heavy lifting for you.

Often these agile projects are broken down into phases, allowing you to get involved with testing and feedback during the build process and enable course correction if your requirements begin to change in a controlled fashion.

If you would like to find out more about making your CRM goals a reality, get in touch today.

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