Gain insights and make data-driven decisions across your business

What is Power BI?

Power BI allows you to bridge the gap between your business data and decision making. With Power BI, you can easily connect to hundreds of data sources related to your data to allow it to be modeled and visualized into something meaningful.

Turn insights into action.

Every business is in the business of data. We all consume it, and we all produce it. Power BI enables you to make the most of your data to gain valuable insights into how your business is performing in real-time, allowing you to make decisions with confidence and empower your organization to do the same. Like all modern Microsoft productivity platforms, you’ll have access to the information you need from anywhere and from any device.

What about Excel?

Power BI integrates directly with Microsoft Excel, sometimes you need to see more than what a chart or visualization offers. Drill-through and open the underlying data in Excel to see what’s going on ‘under the hood’.

Optimize your Business Intelligence Strategy.

When you engage with Leaf to develop or optimize your Business Intelligence Strategy, we work with you to get to know how you work. We’ll develop requirements with you, analyzing your data and current processes to see how Power BI can help shape your data-driven future.

Our Power BI strategy easily integrates with your existing business strategies, identifying key metrics and KPIs that you want to report on and helps streamline your data model whether it’s from a cloud service, custom API connector, on-premises source, or all of the above.

One report for everyone – reduce your codebase and maintenance complexity by reducing the number of reports required to serve different users. As part of your project, we can implement row-level security to protect sensitive business data from your different groups of users making it not just secure but also scalable as your business evolves.

Migrating to Power BI.

The days of requiring advanced and expensive physical hardware just to run your business intelligence reports is over!

By migrating from traditional services such as SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) to Power BI Premium, you can take away the need for such complex, on-premises set ups without the need implement change to your databases. Utilize Microsoft Gateway technology to provide a sync pathway to the Power BI cloud hosting your BI reports with security at the forefront.

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