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Assessing your cybersecurity posture is vital to protecting your business assets, customer data and your reputation. At Leaf, we wondered, why can’t something so vital be free for everyone. Protect your business and complete our cybersecurity risk assessment today.

If you require an experienced and knowledgeable IT consultation, our experts are waiting to hear from you. We have the product and managed security service offerings to neutralise potential threats, empower your workforce and protect your business. Call +44 2890 897650(UK)/+353 (0) 1 582 4075(IRE) or drop us a line via and our team will be at hand to assist you.

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Internet Gateway Protection.

We deploy SonicWall firewalls to block malware and deliver strong security, excellent performance and scalability.

Email and Data Security.

91% of cyber-attacks begin with an email. With Mimecast, Leaf can offer you powerful email security so you can be assured of the highest level of protection for your data from ransomware and other threats.

Patch Management.

Leaf will control and automate the deployment of software patches to all your devices ensuring a consistent and robust IT environment. Your systems will be secured against all known operating system and application software vulnerabilities.

Multi-factor Authentication.

Multi-factor Authentication is an extra layer of security which requires more than one method of authentication for a log-in. This prevents unauthorised users access your account or device, even if they have your password.


Leaf can provide training on cyber security to ensure all your employees are knowledgeable on the risks faced, and how they can help protect the business.

Data Leakage Prevention.

Data breaches are a real and present threat to every business. Leaf offers automated data leakage protection that will oversee your data on site or in the cloud. This greatly reduces the risk of unauthorised leaks of personal, or commercially sensitive, data. With Mobile Device Management you can control and secure access to smartphones and tablets and the data shared between them.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response: A Guide for Business

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