disaster recovery.

Maintain data protection, customer confidence and reputation with fully managed disaster recovery.

Leaf’s Disaster Recovery solution is a comprehensive, integrated back up and disaster recovery service which provides fast and flexible recovery options in the event of any kind of failure or loss of data.
Leaf’s Disaster Recovery Managed Service will:

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Eliminate downtime.

We'll eliminate any downtime to a minimum to save you company time and money.

Data Recovery.

Any lost data due to a disaster will be recovered in full from our managed backup.

Provide cost savings.

Eliminate the risk of data loss and large costs.

Automation, reporting and monitoring.

We'll provide you with powerful tools that will help you with any reporting or monitoring needs you may have regarding your data.

Data management.

We'll supply you with complete data management over your data, no seperate solution needed.


Thanks to this solution you'll be able to see any information you need on your data from a single control centre.

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