disaster recovery.

Make sure your business can still function in the event of an issue outside your control. Protect your key functions, customer confidence and your reputation with Leaf’s fully managed disaster recovery solution.

Leaf’s Disaster Recovery solution is a comprehensive, integrated back up and disaster recovery service which provides fast and flexible recovery options in the event of any kind of failure or loss of data.

Leaf’s Disaster Recovery Managed Service will:

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Significantly reduce downtime.

We will reduce your downtime to the absolute minimum to get your business functions operational again as soon as possible.

Protect and recover your Data.

Any data that is affected in an adverse event will be recovered promptly from our managed backup facility.

Reduce costs.

By significantly reducing the risks and impacts of an adverse event, we can help you keep its impact, and your costs down.

Provide Accurate Information.

Leaf will provide you with powerful reporting tools to ensure management has all the information it needs to make decisions.

Data management.

We'll supply you with complete control over your data in your backup, no separate solution needed.


Thanks to this solution you'll be able to see any information you need on your data from a single control centre.

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