Why do law firms need IT managed services?.

When considering your legal company’s IT it’s important to partner with an IT service provider that can handle your specific environment and the needs of your business. Ranging from forgotten passwords through to massive security breaches and data loss you need to be sure your IT partner has these eventualities covered. This will keep your business running efficiently and securely.  

Leaf have 15 years’ experience looking after the IT of legal companies and understand the complex and confidential nature of the industry as well as the regulatory requirements associated. Leaf’s IT managed service solutions streamline systems and adds resiliency to their technology processes, while increasing billable time and securing all data.

This post will highlight the need for law firms to have IT Managed Services.  

Leaf Account Manager, David Corr with Gordon McElroy, Director, MKB Law. Read the client case study here.


High downtime 

Legal industries often do highly time sensitive work and high levels of downtime result in less revenue and disruption to the daily workings of the firm. When users can’t access critical software 

Underperforming systems and applications 

If your system and applications underperform or tend to crash often it can drastically interrupt operations. Managed IT services can help reduce this issue so your business can perform at it’s best.  

Availability of IT Support 

Legal professionals need IT support to quickly remediate issues as they arise, again removing downtime and keeping  

Poor IT Security  

Data protection is a must for any company, but law firms in particular hold vast amounts of sensitive data, meaning security is of the upmost importance. Client data and case files need to be kept safe and secure, while being safely accessible from inside the firm. A managed IT service provider can safeguard all your data and monitor and block ongoing threats.  

Choosing your IT managed service provider  

You should aim to choose a managed service provider with referencability in the legal sector and specific experience of the industry. In order to support them correctly the provider must understand how a law firm functions.  

Technology and Staff 

Consider the aptitude of not only the companies staff but the technologies they deploy. Look for software support expertise, technical certifications, vendor partnerships and industry leading software.  

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