Leaf expands datacentre presence across Ireland.

Leaf have expanded their datacentre presence across the island of Ireland with capacity now in Belfast, Coleraine, and Dublin.

The Leaf Cloud delivers resilience, security, and compliance, reducing downtime and safeguarding against any data loss or power outage.

All businesses have the opportunity to lower their own personal carbon footprint by relocating their in-office servers and eliminating the need for the electricity to power them. This in turn can free up office space to allow for business expansion and other utilisation of that space.

(L-R) Colin Patton, Service Delivery Manager and Darryl Heanen, CTO

“The current pandemic has clearly accelerated the pace of digital transformation as well as the demand of moving IT to the cloud,” CTO, Darryl Heanen, says.

“We have seen a rise in businesses taking the step to move their operations away from the old fashioned office servers into a hosted datacentre environment where IT is accessible of whether you are at home or in the office.”

“We expect this to continue post pandemic. We’re excited about the capabilities this brings to further enable clients to build a modern workplace with the enablement of secure home working.”

Client data is continuously replicate in Leaf Cloud, meaning zero downtime should servers go down. This delivers to customers a true disaster recovery as a service.

Leaf’s IT services are the building blocks of their lifecycle approach, allowing clients to future proof technology investments and build IT systems that are robust, productive and cost effective.

Every service provided is based on delivering tangible results, where IT investments can be matched to business successes.

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