MS Teams Retires Wiki.

At Leaf, it’s our mission to keep customers abreast of updates on the products we provide. In light of this, we are raising awareness of the latest developments in MS Teams. In this guide, we will offer our advice on the retirement of Wiki pages. Read on for more information.

Product Update: MS Teams & Wiki

See more information on the updated Teams platform here.

Phase One:

Starting in early March, users can no longer create new Wiki pages. However, they can read and edit existing Wiki pages and begin exporting to OneNote.

*An important detail to keep in mind: once you complete your export to OneNote your Wiki page becomes a read-only document.

Phase Two:

Come January 2024, the Wiki integration will no longer be accessible via Teams and users cannot export to OneNote.

However, the content will be accessible via SharePoint and previous Wiki content can be downloaded for the length of your company’s retention policy.

*If possible, delay your Teams update for the purposes of exporting to OneNote.

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Downloading Your Wiki Files

Before the Teams end-date for Wiki, follow the below steps to make sure you are prepared for January 2024.

  • With Teams open, navigate to the menu on the left-hand side and select Teams
  • Go to the channels section and select the relevant channel
  • Navigate to files
  • Select open in SharePoint
  • When in SharePoint, bring your cursor to the menu on the left side and select site contents *Note that only the site owners will have access to the site contents
  • Notice a folder called Teams Wiki Data

Before carrying on, there is something worth sharing. Once you’ve accessed Teams Wiki Data, you may notice that your files are in .mht format and the images are in jpeg format. As a result, you will not always know which image aligns with the corresponding file.

In addition, when selecting files to download, you have a couple of options. First, if you are only downloading select files, you can check the circle next to the file and download. However, if you require a bulk download, check the box as seen below and hit download.

Product Update: Wiki "select all" demonstration

Upon completing this process, the files download in a zip folder for you to use at your convenience.

  • After completion, you should have the option to “extract all” (see below)

Product Update: Wiki "extract" demonstration

When opening files, you will likely encounter some formatting issues (see below)

Formatting issues: Teams Retires Wiki

After Downloading Your Data

As seen above, there are a few formatting issues and a general cleanup needed to maintain your data. While there are a few steps to this process, after following our guide you will avoid losing your data from Wiki.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call +44(0) 2890 8976 50 (UK) or +353(0) 1582 4075(IRE) or drop us a line and our team will answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, email us via and we will advise further.

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