SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2024 is here.

In today’s digital landscape, the battle against cyber threats is more critical than ever. As technology advances, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. The SonicWall Cybersecurity Report 2024, recently released by SonicWall, provides invaluable insights into the evolving cyberattack landscape and offers actionable strategies to fortify your defences.

Summary: A Surge in Cyberattacks

The 2023 cybersecurity landscape witnessed a staggering increase in cyberattacks across various metrics, underscoring the relentless efforts of threat actors to exploit vulnerabilities. SonicWall’s comprehensive research captured this surge, highlighting significant trends and emerging threats.

Key Trends: Acceleration and Innovation

One notable trend observed in the report was the acceleration of cyberattacks. Malware instances surged by 11%, encrypted threats skyrocketed by 117%, and cryptojacking saw a staggering 659% increase. Despite the anticipation of new malware strains accompanying rising attack volumes, SonicWall uncovered a surprising decline of 38% in never-before-seen malware sections.

While bad actors stuck to traditional methods, they displayed innovation in their approaches. SonicWall identified new threat vectors, such as Microsoft OneNote files, alongside large-scale campaigns targeting vulnerabilities in WinRAR and MOVEit. Additionally, phishing campaigns evolved, leveraging highly convincing replicas of Microsoft Outlook and American Express login pages, as well as QR codes to bypass file scanning technologies.

Looking Ahead: The Future Threat Landscape

As businesses brace themselves for the evolving threat landscape, the adoption of generative AI technology by threat actors poses new challenges. From sophisticated phishing attempts to Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, the use of AI enhances the efficacy of cyber threats. However, AI also holds promise as a defensive tool, empowering cybersecurity defenders to detect and mitigate attacks effectively.

Empowering Your Cybersecurity Defence

In light of these insights, it’s crucial for businesses to bolster their cybersecurity posture. Here are actionable steps to enhance your defense mechanisms:

  • Enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Enhance authentication security by requiring additional verification beyond passwords.
  • Patch Promptly: Regularly update software and systems to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of exploitation.
  • Conduct Regular Security Assessments: Identify and address vulnerabilities proactively through comprehensive security assessments.
  • Invest in Ongoing Security Training: Educate employees on cybersecurity best practices to foster a vigilant workforce capable of identifying and reporting potential threats.
  • Scan Encrypted Traffic: Implement solutions capable of detecting and inspecting encrypted traffic to thwart malicious activities.
  • Extend Protection to the Cloud: Embrace Security Service Edge (SSE) and Zero-Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) to safeguard data and workflows in hybrid environments.
  • Leaf IT: Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

At Leaf IT, we understand the importance of robust cybersecurity solutions in safeguarding your business against cyber threats. Through our near 20 year strategic partnership with SonicWall, we offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to your business needs.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our collaboration with SonicWall ensures that you stay ahead of evolving threats, safeguarding your data and operations.

Get Ahead with SonicWall

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