Staff Profile: Justin Archer.

As we start 2021 fresh, we wanted to introduce you members to members of our team that you may not have spoken to or met in person.
In this post Jessen Armstrong, Digital Marketing Executive at Leaf will be putting the spotlight on Justin Archer, Leaf’s Network Security Engineer. Justin has been with Leaf for the past 5 years.

Jessen: Hi Justin, could you tell us your areas of expertise as a Network Security Engineer?

Justin: I specialise in Network Security obviously but more precisely on Firewalls – especially Sonicwall Firewalls. I’m also an expert on Apple Devices.

Jessen: Could you describe the best parts of your job?

Justin: Working with a great team who are always happy to step in when an extra pair of hands are needed, and getting to work on tasks I enjoy, that also generates the need to learn more as technology is evolving so fast in this area. The research is half the fun and the completion is the satisfaction.

Jessen: What’s your favourite technology?

Justin: Anything really… I love to learn about new things, be it IT related or the furthest thing from IT, such as spraying cars, building furniture from scratch, how to build a home putting green and types of lawnmowers and grass treatments, Joinery and how to customise garments with vinyl’s, sublimation inks etc Not only do I enjoy all of these things, but it’s the research and learning gained from it that is also very satisfying.

Jessen: What do you like to do outside of work?

Justin: I Love to spend time with my family, teaching the kids new things such as how to ride a bike, see their education progress and work on our home to make it an even better environment for them to have fun. I love to tinker and will try my hand at nearly anything with future projects to include building two large sheds and a laser alignment system. I love to get out for a game of golf, even though I’m not great at it…. just to get out and clear the head and take out any frustrations on a little white ball, and during the colder weather, to play snooker where I captain a team in my local golf club and assist in the running of the league.

Justin Archer, Network Security Engineer – Leaf

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